• The Rise

    Resale is expected to overtake the traditional thrift and donation segment by 2024. Secondhand is expected to double market share in 10 years.

  • Our Planet

    Every year the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water, enough to meet the consumption needs of five million people. Resale helps solve the fashion waste crisis.

  • Demand Justice

    98% of garment workers are unable to meet their basic needs. Fast fashion has dehumanized the people who make our clothes. There can't be sustainability without ethics.

Who We Are

I launched Hettie's to offer an alternative, exciting way to shop. My journey started because I believe in considering sustainability, and compassion when we shop. There are many aspects of the fashion industry that are detrimental to the life of our planet. I believe that secondhand doesn't have to mean second best. 

My goal is to change the way people think about clothes and collectively help to do our part in extending a happier, better life on this planet. Let's shop sustainably whenever possible. Together, let's give someone's once loved clothing a second life.

A Fast Fashion Rant