I'm Esther, the visionary behind Hettie's, and I'm elated to have you embark on this journey with me.

Hettie's came to fruition in early 2021 as a personal project driven by the desire to give pre-loved clothes a second chance. Clothing resale is a crucial step towards mitigating the fashion waste crisis, and as responsible consumers, we must be mindful of our purchasing habits and prioritize pre-loved items.

For as long as I can recall, my fascination with pre-loved and vintage clothing has been unwavering. Nothing thrills me more than scouring through old racks and discovering stunning designs. I share an inexplicable connection with pre-loved clothing, and my goal is to preserve the legacy of forgotten textures and fabrics through my passion for "closet hunting."

As the fast-fashion industry takes a downward turn, it's about time. The fashion industry is notorious for its wasteful practices, and we need to produce less, rather than solely relying on circular solutions.

I founded Hettie's to play my part in creating a more sustainable future. Our mission is to recreate the thrill of the hunt virtually while upholding sustainable practices, offering affordable clothing, and making a positive impact by extending the life of our planet.

It's time to take pride in the clothes we wear and acknowledge the positive influence our purchasing decisions can have.

Esther - Mother, Full-time Jobber, Lover of Ice Cream and Founder of Hettie’s